Terms and Clarifications

Terms and Clarifications applicable to each of Sconto Plaza Deal !

  • The Sconto voucher must be used in one visit, unless otherwise stated in the terms of the offer.
  • The whole value of the Sconto voucher must be redeemed throughout.
  • The Sconto voucher must be used within the timeframe specified in each deal.
  • The value of the Sconto voucher cannot be redeemed and used cumulatively (unless stated otherwise in the offer).
  • The Sconto voucher does not include additional taxes, service charge, tips and any other expense not clearly stated.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other offers of the provider. You can use your Sconto voucher immediately after you receive it in your email or in the "My Account".
  • All reservations (restaurants, hotels, salons, services, etc.) are based on the availability of the providing company.
  • Offer packages that require more than one visit, meetings etc. are not transferable and cannot be shared with third parties.


Must I use the Sconto Voucher I purchased the same day?

No. All offers have expiration date. You never needed to cash your Sconto Voucher the same day of purchase. Look for that information to the particular details of the offer.

How can I pay for my ScontoVouchers?

You can pay by credit card or call the phone center of ScontoPlaza and arrange to have you Sconto Vouchers send to you.

How can I redeem the Sconto Vouchers I bought?

Print your Sconto Voucher or save the Sconto Voucher secrete code on your mobile phone and present it to the merchant in order to redeem it and enjoy your special deal package. You will find a location map and contact information about the offering company in the specific deal page. Do not forget to call and inform the company for your intention to present the voucher for redemption. This way you will have a better service and avoid any delays. You will also need to present your identification card for verification.

Can I buy a Sconto Voucher as a gift to someone?

Of course you can. After you have purchased a Sconto Voucher you are required  to indicate in the field “receiver” the name of the person to whom you make the gift. You can do that by entering” my vouchers” field and by clicking on the voucher the button “mark as gift”.

How many Sconto Vouchers can I buy?

Each discount deal indicates the maximum amount of vouchers you can buy. Look for that information within the specific deal page.

Is it is safe to trade and make purchases through ScontoPlaza?

The credit card number and relevant information of the transaction is transmitted via SSL directly to the commercial banks and no sensitive data concerning your visa card is stored on our servers.

If I change my mind about a purchase can I return a Sconto Voucher and get a refund?

You can return any unredeemed vouchers for refund within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. You are required to make the refund claim by sending an e-mail to returns@scontoplaza.com indicating the voucher details and code. Please also call on 99884108.